Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Plein air in Castine Maine and more studio tips

Castine, Maine Plein Air-

Yesterday was a beautiful crisp morning for my first trip to Castine, Maine. I set out to scope the area and of course to paint the Dyce Head Lighthouse.
No one around so I had the whole place to myself.
The snow was trying to hold on but the sun did it's magic, by the time I left most of it had melted.
Of course the sun also eliminated the clouds.  I was fiddling with this one too much and not making any progress so I quit and went exploring for future subjects. Found a bunch too!
Castine Maine lighthouse
Back to my ten best suggestions for supplying your studio from thrift stores.
Tip Number 4 - big big extra big jeans for paint rags

Blue jeans make the best brush wipes because they are rough textured and absorbent. Here's the tip though. Wait for the best sale at the thrift store. (.99 cents) then take advantage of this country's obesity problem and buy the biggest pair of jeans they have. Bring them back to the studio and cut them into pieces. You'll have several months worth of brush wipes for around $1.

Tip number 5 - Art shoes 
For a few dollars you can have studio shoes and plein air disposables. Get them roughed up and covered with paint and mud... who cares they only cost me $4 a pair.

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