Friday, April 18, 2014

Maine seascape Schoodic Point & Supplying your art Studio tip #5

Supplying  your art studio from a Thrift store: Tip Number 5

I have not posted in several weeks.  I don't have a good enough excuse to mention it here, so first here is a small 5"x7"seascape I just completed.  It's my favorite spot in Maine to paint, Schoodic Point part of  Acadia National Park.
Schoodic Splendor
5"x7" oil on canvas board

 Tip number 5 for How to supply your art studio from a thrift store:

This may not  be a standard thrift store item but I found mine inside the backpack I bought for my plein air bag.(an extra bonus) A container for cleaning contact lens. This one is from a Walmart store. I am sure they are cheap. I use it to hold my Liquin in my pochade box when I paint outdoors. It's the perfect size.
You can also use the little tin you sometimes get for free inside a Celestial Seasoning Tea box for the same purpose.

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