Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Daily Painting in Maine - Back Again

My daughter and I  painting at Valley Forge National  Historical Site
 I am back from vacation and back to posting on Daily Painting Practice.

I realized recently that I have not posted in months!  I have no excuse but  laziness.  I have been painting... a great deal. The problem is I started posting more on Facebook  and neglecting you all on my blog.
So I will try and catch up  on the blog and re-post some of those progress pieces and finished works from Facebook. Then I will try and figure out how to link Facebook, the blog and my new website.... Oh,  I should mention I have a new website. If you have not visited my site in a while click the link at the top of the page and you'll see lots of new work. 

I switched to FASO  for hosting my site and am very pleased. I am still figuring out some of the options  but it is up and running.

Just to get back on track, here is one I missed...
Belfast Boatyard
A beautiful spring day painting the  Front Street Boatyard in Belfast Maine. I also painted from this same spot  a few weeks earlier and started working on this  20x20 piece plein air
Repairing the Alice Jane

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Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you again!
I was already beginning to miss your blog and your pictures.