Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Daily Painting Practice in Maine - Boats

Just  finished! 
Started at the docks in Camden, Maine as a plein air sketch (5x7) and  ended with a fun 16x20 here in the studio. 
 Her Day Off
16x20 oil on  linen canvas

 Have you ever noticed that of  all the colors an artist uses, only the cadmium family of colors share the ability to leap from the palette onto any surface;   rugs, walls, dressers drawers, frames, paintings,  plates of food, tea cups, coffee cups, water glasses, eye glasses,  eyes, fingers, toes, hair, other body parts ( some not mentionable) hats, gloves, dogs, spiders, ants.... 

Cadmium orange,  being the  strongest and worst migrator can be found anywhere.  It's weaker cousin Cadmium yellow is less aggressive but  just as wide spread. I believe I will start documenting the willful migration of  the dreaded cadmium family.   Perhaps science will one day  discover that they are actually living organisms with an evolutionary  need to expand from the studio, where they breed, to  other environments. Or are they actually like parasites carried by a host artist to other hosts, unaware of their presence. hmmmmmm.
...or perhaps I'm just a messy artist who isn't being careful around wet paint.

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Debbie said...

Your painting is beautiful, and I had to laugh about your cadmiums turning up in odd places! You're right, that really does happen.. I've discovered fresh c. red paint on things on days I'm not even painting!? It stays wet so long, it must get picked up and moved around alot... brush handles,cup bottoms, elbows, hahahah... you name it!
Thanks for the laugh :-)