Monday, July 07, 2014

Daily Painting Practice in Maine - Summer Reruns

If it is summer the you can be sure the movies will be featuring a remake or some sequel to a previous box office smash.  Well, I don't have a smash but I do have a remake of a small painting a did last winter.

 This was what it looked like before. One of  my 30 paintings in 30 days paintings... I was never very pleased with it  and have been constantly toying with it ever since I first called it  finished.
I'm not sure  why I  wasn't pleased maybe I just got bored with it. so I changed it to this...
 I thought this was complete and again thought I would post it. But I wanted more color... so quite literally I went back to the drawing board and played with my colors and came up with this version.

 Catching Up
5x7 oil on canvas board
Not as subtle as the others and  a bit looser but I like it.... for now.

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