Sunday, November 05, 2006

Painting to trade No.2

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Turps and Paint
5" x 7"
oil on canvas board
On the first Sunday of the month I offer a painting for trade with the daily blog painters. This is the second time. Last month (Ed Terpening) and I traded (paintings). I love the painting he did and the story that went with it.

I thought I would keep to an art theme going. Here's the way it works:

1. I will post the painting or paintings I have to trade on the first Sunday of each month.
2. If someone has a painting to trade make a comment on my blog that you want to trade. Post the painting or paintings you are trading on your blog. That way others who want to try this experiment can see and join in. Don't limit this to just me.
3. How do I respond to everyone who wants to trade but I don't pick this month? I will go with the truth, I will respond with this: I chose to trade with another this month. I hope we can try again in the future.
4.. If you don't want to show others and just want to trade privately with me. Send me an email at and attach a photo and details of your painting or paintings you have to trade.
5. I will leave a comment on your blog that I would like to trade. We should then complete the correspondence via email. Not using our blogs.
6. Please don't have hurt feelings or feel rejected if I choose someone else to trade with this month. I will be looking to trade each month so stay cool and enjoy the process. Also, I won'tbe sitting by the computer dong this all day. I will be painting, so I will look and peak in occassionally through the week
7. Once the trade is made I will tag the painting as TRADED on my blog.
8. I will only trade what I am listing. I don't have enough paintings to trade with a lot of people right now.
That's about as complicated as I want to get. I have no idea how this will work but it should be fun. So let's see what you got!


amber said...

Wonderful i think your work inspires me to try harder at achieving true relationships of realism

Making A Mark said...

What a nice idea Peter - I'm just surprised nobody has come up with it before now!

And I love the painting - such lovely lost and found edges!

Lisa said...

I love this painting Peter. I agree with katherine in regards to the lost and found edges. A hard quality to achieve. Brilliant!!