Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Daily Painting Practice- outdoor flower market

Here is the block in stage. I actually started by painting 4 blobs of Cadmium Red to place the red flowers. I then tried to keep them a brilliant red by greying the other colors. The flowers are partially back lit which makes them glow and makes the glass sparkle. It presents an interesting problem though when you get to decide the value of the background.
Dots of brilliant color and greys both warm and cool. The light is bouncing all over the place which makes the painting very active.
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Outdoor Flower Market
oil on masonite

The Omaha farmer's market is a treasure of flowers in the summer. Some sell the flowers in buckets and some sell little arrangements in glass vases like these. Tables full of flowers make it hard to decide which to bring home. I can't get enough of painting flowers. They can be pure joy to paint.

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Cara said...

Love the play of light in this little gem. Your flowers are wonderful -