Wednesday, June 13, 2007

daily painting practice - Trumpet Vine series

No pre-toned panel today. The stark whiteness on the panel takes some getting used to again.
The trumpet vine is a favorite flower for hummingbirds. It grows in our yard like dandelion though. Sprouting up all over the lawn.
I signed the painting and was ready to move on but something started to bother me. The background was too warm. So I cooled it off with some Titanium White and Cobalt blue. It was a toss up to change it. One of those artist's choice moments.
click on the picture to enlarge the image

Trumpet Vine Study
oil on masonite

I am having fun with this idea of painting a series of the same subject. So I think I will do more trumpet vine paintings this week.


Anonymous said...

Great trumpet vine bouquet! I attempted painting these once and they came out like mush. I don't know why but I suddenly become dyslexic whenever I attempt to paint flowers.

Linda Blondheim said...

You have very fine work. Enjoyed your blog.
Linda Blondheim