Thursday, September 13, 2007

Daily painting practice - Plein air practice day 8- Rainy Day at Benson Park

Did you ever get the sense that the plein air painting gods are trying to teach you something when you go out to paint? Like, "let's teach this guy how to dress properly for cold weather." Yesterday, two fellow artists, (Mike) and (Rene), commented on how hard it will be to paint during the winter. It just so happens, I nearly froze my butt off the other day, when the temperature dipped to the low 50's from the 80's and 90's we have been enjoying. The rain added to the chill of the morning. Still, I am on an art mission here. Come rain or snow or mildly cool summer mornings, I will get out there and paint.... Of course, if I would learn to dress properly it would help.
I was lucky again in finding a shelter to work under. I had the painting going and my fingers were just starting to freeze up when this guy in the red car decided to park and eat his breakfast in the middle of my view. I thought about painting the car into the picture but all I really wanted to do was run home and have a nice HOT cup of tea.
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Rainy Day in Benson Park
oil on masonite

I really wanted to see if I could capture the feeling of a cold and rainy summer morning. I knew I should try and keep the edges soft and the colors muted. But that patch of green grass, it actually looked as though it was enjoying the rain. I have never painted in this type of weather before so the idea was to challenge myself and not make an excuse and stay in the warm, cozy studio. I found there is one benefit to stating a goal and sticking with it. It feels good when you complete the task... It feels even better with a hot cup of tea thawing your fingers though.

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René PleinAir said...

Thanks for the laugh, and the lovely story, and at last but surely not at least, the nice painting. keep going Peter!

Remember that painting outside always is a lot colder then walking biking or anything else, ....