Saturday, December 08, 2007

Daily Painting Practice - Patience- work in progress day 2

Day 2 - I am continuing the work of modeling the face. This is mostly base color and structure at this stage. Modeling is a good word... for me it means keep going over the face until it looks right. value/color/ form...value/color/form... this is what I keep repeating to myself. I also started to darken the background so I can judge my light and color better. This helps me judge if the mood of the painting is developing like I want it to.
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Patience -
work in progress day 2
oil on canvas

I am starting to over work the face so I need to jump to another area. I start drawing in some detail (really just smaller shapes and tones). This helps me map the background. I don't want the background to get too tight this soon, but I do need the drawing of the design on the lace curtain to be finished enough because I want to paint the flowers over top the background not in between the background. I map in some of the flowers.
Not as much progress as I wanted but still moving forward.

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Darren Maurer said...

That is coming along nice.