Friday, January 11, 2008

daily Painting Practice- Late Summer Road

I have been working on my 25 studio paintings (remember I pledged to complete 25 by my birthday in March) so my little daily painting practice pieces have been suffering. This is one of the larger pieces(24"x30") in the beginning stages. I am working on about 12 of the 25 at the same time. It keeps me interested and moving forward if I paint more than one piece at a time.
click on the image to enlarge the painting

Late Summer Road
oil on canvas

Here's the first one I completed. This road will be paved and the land will be developed into suburban lots by the summer as Omaha continues to expand towards the west.

Some may remember the plein air sketch I posted back in (September). I cooled down the studio version a bit from the sketch. I am very pleased with the loose brush work I left in the sky. The loose brush work seems to add a life to the atmosphere. What do you think?


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

I love your work. I'm new to oil's and have thouroughly enjoyed all that you share here on your blog. I'll return.

I love "Late Summer Road". Beautiful, beautiful painiting.

René PleinAir said...

I like the loose brushstrokes also, but I wonder how much does plein air painting do to your studio work?

For me I can't do any studio work anymore, .. find it so boring but when I see this painting I get a little excited to give it a try someday, ... thanks!

Cara said...

I love the "Late Summer Road" and you made the right call with the brushwork - its wonderful. I love it all but I'm not sure which captivates me more, the telephone poles or the sunflowers. Both are delightful.

Barbara Pask said...

Love this. You do everything well. Still lifes and landscapes alike.

Rhonda Hurwitz said...

I haven't visited your blog in a while, and remembered your still lifes, but not your landscapes. You should be really proud of this one -- Wow -- it is just stunning.

J Matt Miller said...

Wow, Late Summer Road is an awesome painting, Peter. The loose brushwork, sense of space.... The tree's shadow pulls my eye back down to the road and back into the composition. Really excellent.

Mary J DuVal said...

Really great, Peter. I love the loose brushwork, composition, colors...everything!

craigstephens said...

Nice one! I particularly like the thick paint on the road in the foreground.

Peter Yesis said...

Thanks for all the kind words everyone. It really is a confidence builder when your peers respond to your work.

Rene- Try it , you'll like it, I can't wait to see what you do. And the hot chocolate is so close too.

Cara - thanks for the continuous support. I liked the telephone poles too.

Nancy, Barbi, Rhonda - I find the landscapes much harder to do to my satisfaction than the still life. But this one is encouraging me to try more.

Matt - Thanks. Coming from one of my favorite daily painters and one whose brushwork I admire that means a lot.

MJ, Craig and AG- thansk , you all picked up on something different in the painting. I love when that happens.

Anonymous said...


The rework of your original sketch is wonderful. It really captures the essense of a summer day. Also, I learn so much when you show the "thought" process behind the finished paintings. I've really learned alot from this. Please post more.

Thank you,

Mike said...

Peter, I'd like to add my two cents, also. . . . .The foreground textures, i.e. the brush work of so many ranom strokes and the feeling of dry gravel on the road is a grabber. You kept the textures in the tree, too, which looks as though you'd get all scratched up by jumping into it . . . . .and how it all fits into an atmospheric setting . . .wow! Matt's right!

Carol Marine said...

I agree with everyone - Late Summer Road is lovely! It really stands out. Yeah!!!

Peter Yesis said...

Ann, Mike and Carol-
Thanks for the encouraging comments. This painting came out really well and has me thinking of doing another landscape.


Hi Peter, I was just browsing through some blogs and I came accross this painting. It's a real good one !