Wednesday, January 02, 2008

daily Painting Practice- Pot and Pans

click on the image to enlarge the painting

Pot and Pans
oil on canvas board
I think it is time that I cleaned out my old thrift store still life props. I may start a new tradition in the studio. On the first week of the new year I should return my old pots, pans, vases and other props that I have painted in the past and trade them in for some new junk... I mean composition material.

One of the results, I think may happen because of my new year's goal of painting 25 new studio pieces by March, will be that my daily painting may become much looser and not as detailed. Hopefully I will keep it fresh and fun. It should be interesting to see how the style of the daily painting pieces may change.....or not.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!
This is a beautiful still life. The soft light and the opalescent colors give it a gorgeous glow.

Don Gray said...

Nice work, Peter. I agree with Silvina about the glow!

constance said...

I bought this in eBay. am i ever happy with it!! just got it back framed in gold. it is devastatingly wonderful. You are tremendous.

constance said...

Peter, this greets me every morning as I walk out the kitchen with my coffee. My delight in it has never paled. I only wish you had posted more comments about your process on this one. They never cease to fascinate and instruct.