Thursday, May 22, 2008

daily painting practice - Tea and Triscuits

Since I haven't been posting that much lately I feel out of practice coming up with ideas to paint for my daily painting. After almost two years I felt like my idea factory was getting ready to close down. I needed to sit down and think...what should I paint...what should I paint...
The answer was right there in front of me. An artist's snack turned into still life practice.
The tea color was the most fun. The Triscuits were more fun to eat than to paint.
click on the image to enlarge the painting

Tea and Triscuits
original by Peter Yesis
oil on canvas board

I like the perspective of looking down on the scene. It makes the viewer a part of the painting. It is a very personal viewpoint. You might as well be eating and drinking the tea. I know...I know... you want some jam or peanut butter. You'll have to wait until the next painting.

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Marilyn M. King said...

There is nothing better to create inspiration than to have a snack! I love the way the pinkish under painting shows through the cooler white table cloth. Then that warm greenish shadow is totally unexpected, forming a strong shape in the overall composition. Great little still life and I agree, very intimate.