Saturday, February 07, 2009

Daily Painting Practice- Rosenblatt Stadium Progress

What have I gotten myself into? Just how do you start a painting with roughly 5000 figures in it ...and outdoors on top of that?
I thought my approach or, "How do I do this?", would make an interesting post.
Ok, first idea, make sure I have the architecture mapped out to give me some road marks and some boundaries.
Second, start thinking lights and darks.
Next, rough in the players on the field to help with the scale and distance.
click on the image to enlarge for details
All I am thinking about at this point is getting some color down. A big question keeps repeating in my head..."How much detail do I need to show the crowd?" ...and do I paint from back to front or front to back?" .... maybe I should stick to still life painting.
click on the image to enlarge for details
I decide to work with the figures in the dugout and the front rows first. Hopefully this will give me an idea of when to stop drawing individuals as I go back into the crowd. I even count the number of figures sitting in the first row and the number of rows going back....just to give me an idea. I need some way to keep the approach somewhat organized.
click on the image to enlarge for details
I darken the back of the dugout and start painting individual figures. I start with just three tones, a dark, a mid-tone, and a light gray.
click on the image to enlarge for details
After I am satisfied with the progress of the figures, I add some color which begins to draw some interest to the individuals.
Baseball has so many components. One of my favorites is watching the crowd. I will need to give each figure its own flare and emotion in order to capture the feeling of sitting there with them......I can't believe I am attempting this.


Janelle Goodwin said...

A true artist loves challenges, so I'm not surprised you attempted this. Amazing job.

John Andrews said...

this is an awesome effort... looks great so far... i don't think i'd have the courage to start such a project

Vikki North said...

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Celeste Bergin said...

haha don't buy that redchair person...she wants $7 for each image you put on her website. lol.
Meanwhile...back to your! it is going to be a beauty! I think you are correct..that it is likely to have lots of appeal to baseball fans. I am tuned in to see what happens next. Beautiful!