Friday, January 11, 2013

Daily Painting Practice- Big Brush Little Canvas - Landscape Color sketch

Let's start big!

I thought this might be an interesting practice to do a painting (a study) with a big brush on a small 5"x7" canvas.

I went to Home Depot  and purchased a handful of these small  brushes. Small for house painting, large for this adventure.
The canvas was already toned with the olive green so I just jumped in with someloose and scrubby brush strokes.

Can you believe I actually started with 4 values. What discipline!

 I am still only using the one brush.

The finishing touches were done with a smaller brush. Not a bad color sketch. I'll paint this again on a larger size canvas.


Dave Casey said...

I like this. Shows great brush control. My large brushes seem to get away from me when I'm painting on a small canvas.

René PleinAir said...


Here in Holland they call those brushes "spalters" I'll guess you
guys use them for varnishing as well? I love the free bold strokes you get with this approach but it just a pity that you used a small brush for the final details, you could have used the backside of the brush you know, it gives lovely fine marks and you would have done it with just ONE brush. Gone go out painting now with only large brushes now, this is really inspirational!!

jimserrettstudio said...

Very nice.
I've been trying a 1 1/2 inch brush on small 5x7 canvas to help me learn to simplify but have not produced anything as sweet as this study.
I'm inspired.

sharon said...

it goes to show you it is the artist not the tools...

C-Marie said...

Wonderfully done!! I might try this. Blessings always, C-Marie USA