Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Daily Painting Practice - Using your imagination - color seascape sketch

Imagine all the possibilities.

How many times have you come across that phrase? Have you actually ever  tried to do it? Of course not.

 Taken literally, even a computer couldn't handle it.  But when we are talking about creating ideas for paintings even the smallest attempt at using your imagination can bring beneficial and surprising results. You will be amazed at what flows out of your creative side if you just open the taps.  

Start with small 2x3" thumbnail sketches. Put the pencil down and don't take it off the page. Now just start moving the pencil as you imagine a scene or a theme.  You may even just react to the  dark and white abstract shapes in your thumbnail.  Develop the thumbnail or abandon it and start again  on a new idea. Just keep going. After 5 minutes the right side of your brain will be cooking with gas.

Your imagination is like a power tool in your studio. You can take it out and use it in every type of painting: portraits, plein air, landscapes, still life... you name it .   So get started recharging your imagination batteries.

Splash of Maine- imagined seascape
 oil on canvas board

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