Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Daily Painting Practice - Maine plein air - Frigid cold,snow and wind on Sears Island in January

Day 29 - Determined or just Daffy?

Standing out on the causeway in the wind was sooooo cold! It was one of those days that could separate the mice from the men, the wheat from the chaff,... or the skin from your face.  
Still, I was determined to go out and paint. After all,  this is Maine!

Sears Island, Maine
Back to Sears Island to experiment with some of the lessons I learned from Stapleton Kearns' at the winter snow camp  workshop.
I'm wearing the boots (Cabela's Trans-Alaska III Pac Boot) of course. I also am using more medium(Liquin)  while I paint, something I didn't do much of when painting outside before. 
Homestead trail, Sears Island
Tucked myself out of the wind and it was a perfect day. Lesson number two... use big brushes to start and use  bigger puddles of paint.  Wash in very thin at the beginning. Thin and dark like watercolor. Place the masses like paper cutouts over each other and cover the entire canvas.
2 hours on Sears Island at 7 degrees
Two hours later I was satisfied  I captured the feeling of the day. It was time to head for the truck and some hot coffee.
Homestead Trail in Winter - Sears Island, Maine


Laura Gable said...

you are a brave soul, Peter. This painting is stunning. Thank you for sharing your journey with us all.
-Laura Gable

Jane said...

Great job!

Amy Mann said...

You caught it, man! You are living the dream.

Judy P. said...

Looks nice, like the brushwork! I took Stape's workshop when he was here in MN, so interesting!