Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Daily Painting in Maine - What's on my easel Wednesday

 As I was taking a few  progress shots of new paintings I am working on, I had an idea .  Over on Facebook they have  this thing called  "Throw-back Thursday" (TBT). And people post all these old photos of themselves when they were younger from that box of photos that's hidden in the attic.... it's not for me though.  Those pictures are hidden for a reason.

My idea was to start " What's on my Easel Wednesday" on Facebook.  Then I thought why not do the same over here on my blog? ...Maybe this will get me to post more often....or at least every Wednesday.

Here are two progress shots. Both are about 50% complete.

 No name yet
The one above is at the block in stage. It's a very simple composition  but I need to see or feel how the  water will be acting before I make a commitment to the final push.

This one I know how the water is reacting so I need to define the lights and shadows and play with edges. Then I'll step back and see where to sprinkle some  highlights.

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