Friday, February 16, 2007

daily painting practice - figurative painting

Could you be this bold? Look at the contrast and the amount of shadow! Then look at how brilliant the light is on the face.This is by a young artist called Rembrandt (the boy's got a future in art) .... Now this is what I call bold painting! No guts no glory painting!

This print was another treasure I found at our local thrift store. It was a sign from the gods of painting that I should continue to shop there. ( total cost with frame $1.49)
I haven't done a figure painting in a while and I needed to do something other than another peony. I started by painting over the charcoal drawing with a thin line of ivory black paint. I used an old brush with just a few hairs on it. The drawing came out looking like an old quill pen and ink drawing. I almost left it alone.
The colors in this painting are very earth tone in nature. I should probably do more thinking about the effect of color on the subject. The earth tones gives a more down home feeling to the piece. Imagine if the guy was wearing a bright Tropical print shirt. How would that change the mood of the painting?
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Omaha Music Maker
oil on masonite

I almost was satisfied with another photo being the final shot but I noticed the color around the ear was just a little too yellow. Sometimes looking at your work in a photo helps catch little errors like that. It's not as bold as that young Rembrandt kid's painting but I think it's not too bad for a daily painting by a not so young artist from Omaha.


Louis Boileau said...

Peter, this is great! You need to do more like this. Well...I should have said "We need you to do more like this."

Louis Boileau said...

I love this painting...looks so much like my brother. The way he sits, the's him!!

He's been playing guitar for about forty-five years.

Cara said...

Great Painting!


I watch your work weekly, though I don't usually leave comments. I'm just an art appreciator, and sometimes painter, but need to tell you I just loved this painting. The anatomy is very good. The man looks relaxed - and the pose doesn't look contrived at all. I think a figurative painting should make one ask questions such as: Who is he? Where is he? At the local Saturday night barn dance? Teaching his grandchildren? All those things come to mind --- with no answers at all.
A lovely piece!

Robin Weiss said...

Wow Peter! dido everything above. This is an outstanding work. The drafting of the figure with perspective and forshortening is right on. He seems intent and focused on his "axe". Reminds me of lots of jams I've been to.

Anonymous said...

I'm lovin' this one. Great Job!

Peter Yesis said...

Thank you all for the kind words. I really am enjoying the comments about of this guy playing his guitar. It proves to me that even the simplest painting can inspire, bring a smile, create a fond memory or even hear music! Thanks Again.