Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Daily Painting Practice- Painting an Omaha Park

I am sorry for not posting the past few days. I have been down and out with the flu and not painting. I did this painting just before dropping out of the studio and into bed.
I started the painting with the masses and began the sky before I realized I hadn't stopped to take any progress photos. So, this shot is at the stage where I am laying in the sky value and some color. Again, I find the pre-toned panel really helps speed up the painting process and holds the painting together while I search for the correct value with my brush.
I keep talking to myself while I paint "Stay loose, not too thick, remember how the sun felt, keep the shadows warm and transparent..." Sometimes I even listen to myself and do the right thing.
Zorinsky park in Omaha has a great paved biking and walking path around the lake (which is actually a reservoir). This is the view near where I parked the truck on the northwest side of the lake. The photo I am using for reference was taken near the spot I did (this pleine air painting) last fall.
click on the picture to enlarge the image
Summer Day at Zorinsky Lake
oil on masonite

I remember the sky color that day it really invited you to look up. I stopped for this view because I like the small break in the tree line that allowed the view of the bridge. This just proves you don't need to travel to find beautiful landscapes. I have to tell that to myself because when I see people who live and paint in other parts of the world I always wish I was there. Seeing beautiful things where ever you are is one of the best lessons you can get from daily painting practice. Enjoy!


Louis Boileau said...

Hi Peter,
Missed you the last couple of days...I really like this one. Beautiful!!

Cara said...

I love this! The warmth of the colors are very nice. Always enjoy your postings and also miss you when your gone - This painting made up for it tho -

Anonymous said...

You know what bugs me? It's when artists paint a beautiful painting then scratch their signature in a lower corner with the end of their brush. If I spend good money on one of their paintings, I'm proud or it and want the artist's name signed with paint. It should blend in, but still be able to read it, in an unimportant corner. Get well Peter, your a wonderful artist, sincerely Andy Rooney, tick,tick,tick,tick.....

Robin Weiss said...

This is a timeless landscape. Really nice job Peter.

J Matt Miller said...

Peter, I am fighting off the flu as well. But I am not painting this well while I am sick! Really beautiful painting.