Thursday, February 15, 2007

daily painting practice - white peonies red flowers

The first peony painting went so well, I thought I would do another. Same approach, start with a charcoal drawing.

Start painting the white directly on top of the charcoal. I like how the charcoal mixes with the white at this stage. Again, this is on a pre-toned surface.
I start adding grays. This is the real trick I think to vibrant color. Though I have not yet learned how to make the colors really sing like David Leffel talks about in his books. I have more reading and practice to do. Someday I'd like to take a class with David or find a DVD of a demonstration.
I remember one thing I read where he talks about making the base surface lighter to make the objects appear lit up.
Click on the oicture to enlarge the image

Peonies in a Copper Pot
oil on wood
Again staying very loose and using a medium of Liquin and linseed oil. I think the contrast of color and light in this painting is what holds your eye. Another moment of joy!


J Matt Miller said...

Beautiful, Peter

Paintdancer said...

THis is truly gorgeous. Rather patriotic, too, LOL.