Thursday, March 01, 2007

Introducing the Daily Painters Guild

Let me tell you, it is a wonderful feeling when you find people like yourself, who see the world as full of beauty. It is even more wonderful when you can join them as they work hard to capture and share what they see with others.

For a few months a few other friends and daily painters have been kicking around an idea of showing work together. As a result we formed a new group as a way to experiment and market ourselves as daily painters. We call ourselves

One of our group has a great way to explain how we came to be:

One of the artists among (The Daily Painters Guild) wrote to each of the others suggesting that this limited group of names could probably put together a very nice art show somewhere. We all thought that the work of the others was work we would be proud to be shown with, and based on several factors, we agreed that we would keep the group small. From there things just sort of gelled. It has been several months in discussion and planning.

This is so exciting! We are moving ahead on marketing and promotion right now and will get together in August to discuss if we grow and how we should go about that. I hope you enjoy visiting the site. I know I am proud and pleased to show with this incredible group of talented and dedicated artists.

If you want to visit our (website) click on the banner link on this blog.
Let me know what you think.


David said...

Peter -- nicely done, I'd say. The combined buying power should allow you to attract some serious visitors. I just read that you'll have an ad in American Art Collector -- good luck! I think it's the perfect space for you guys. --David

Parisbreakfasts said...

Good for you Peter!
I wish I had known more about it..
but I guess I'm wouldn't have been considered a serious contenda..

Anonymous said...

Do you not realize how this sounds. You could call yourselfs "The snobish 15" Get over yourselfs already, please.

Anonymous said...

"anonymous", it is you that has not gotten "over" something. Get on with you life and do something positive instead of littering your garbage in Peter's garden.

Also, it's "yourselves" and not "yourselfs". I guess I'm the snob now.

Peter, your work is incredible keep up the great work! This group is a great bunch of artists and you're a smart guy for joining them. Best of luck to you guys!