Tuesday, June 05, 2007

daily painting practice - flower color study

I recently moved my studio to the basement of our house. It gives me more room to arrange a still life and also allows me space to back up from the easel. I bought these beautiful flowers from the farmer's market in downtown Omaha on Saturday. I thought they would make a great center piece to a larger figurative painting. I have constructed a backdrop that imitates a more formal setting. The wall and curtain actually are hanging from a pole. The wall is cardboard.

I will show more of the composition and final piece in later postings.

click on picture to enlarge the image

Still Life Study
oil on masonite

This is the color study for a larger painting that will have a figure sitting in the chair. I will use this painting and a color study of the figure together with photos to do the final painting. The color study helps on several levels. First, it helps me capture the mood and the lighting. It gives me another way of comparing values and colors that the camera and monitor can't do. Second, it helps me get familiar with the subject. It is like practicing a piano piece before the teacher says " OK, let me hear you play"


Anonymous said...

lovely composition, nice subtle colors and interesting textures.

Ed Terpening said...

yes, these studies are like a musician playing scales. Very similar idea. look forward to seeing the final piece.