Thursday, July 17, 2008

Daily Painting Practice - Elmwood Park Pavilion

Omaha has a beautiful park ( Elmwood Park) in the center of the city just behind the University of Nebraska Omaha campus. In the middle of the park is this Spanish style pavilion. The sun was illuminating the stucco walls with a wonderful dappled light, Just perfect for a little plein air practice.
click on the image to enlarge the painting

Elmwood Park Pavilion
original by Peter Yesis
oil on canvas board

We had a new artist join our Thursday painting group. Another Omaha artist, Chris Bolmeier. Chris paints in a very colorful and expressionistic style. Check out her website (here). She really helped me today, suggesting I throw some bold brush strokes and color into this practice piece. Bold brush strokes! What a concept. Do you think I can manage to do it two days in a row?

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Cara said...

Love this painting and post. I'm glad you post the picture as you were on location. Thanks