Monday, December 11, 2006

daily painting practice 107 - Candy Bowl

I was invited to show at the first Nebraska Artist Artsale and Exposition. A new group working to build Omaha as an art center in the midwest.
I was fortunate enough to sell two at the show and trade two with a wonderful Omaha artist Lori Stevens. Lori does amazing carpet artwork. Her custom designed rugs are beautiful. So we are getting a rug designed for our bedroom. How cool is that?
Daily paintings on display. One good thing to come out of doing a small show like this. All my daily paintings are now framed and ready to sell and show again.
I started on a pre-toned masonite panel. The warm red/brown was put on several days ago and dry. It worked perfectly as the starting point for this painting.
click on the picture to enlarge the image

Green Candy Bowl
oil on masonite
This weekend was so busy getting ready for the show, doing the art show, and having company on Sunday. Needless to say I didn't get a daily painting done. So this morning I had to quickly set up and get yesterday's painting done today. Luckily we had all this candy left over.


Anonymous said...

Nice painting Peter!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Peter! This is fabulous.

Jamie Williams Grossman said...

Wonderful painting! Great rendering of a difficult subject, without overworking. Congrats on the show.

David said...

Peter -- love seeing all your paintings together in one place. Very nice candy bowl, as well!