Friday, June 15, 2007

daily painting practice - Trumpet Vine Study No.2

Trumpet Vine Study number 2 - I am back to using a pre-toned panel. I like the spray of the leaves on this one. It fills the painting with a lot of movement.
I have a hard time with the warm oranges in the trumpet vine. They are so intense even in the shadows.
The cool background helps offset the warmth of the blossoms.
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Trumpet Vine Study No. 2
oil on masonite

I have one more painting in this trumpet vine series I want to try. Then back to the garden. My garden manager/wife has some beautiful lavender growing. That might be a good match with the purple petunias. I'll get the clippers.

I wonder if I can deduct the garden as a business expense since it supplies most of my subject material?


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