Thursday, January 03, 2013

Daily Painting Practice - Maine Coastal Seascape - Thumbnail & several color sketches

This thumbnail sketch was only the beginning to a grand painting adventure.

 Who would have guessed that the small  sketch on the right could turn into so much fun? 
I started with a pre-toned 5"x7" canvas and just scrubbed in some darks.  The concept was "rough seas".
 A very limited palette of colors again.  Though this time I added Viridian Green to the mix. I  thought a ship might add some drama... or might just be fun to  try and paint.
 Definitely have the stormy seas going.  This is what I like  about photographing my sketches as they progress because...
 They change. But I still have a record of the previous idea.
 As you can see, my sea voyage continued for a while longer. The weather became much more dramatic. That is, until the sun came out and the storm passed.
 click on the image  to enlarge the painting

After the Storm
oil sketch - 5"x7"
oil on canvas board

I wonder where the boat went.


Celeste Bergin said...

I like these paintings out of your imagination--great moody colors too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I love your paintings.