Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Daily Painting Practice - Van Gogh's Poinsettia

I started this painting with the idea of doing something seasonal. My indoor gardener/wife has a poinsettia plant and two Christmas cactus (or should that be cacti?) Either would make an interesting subject but since the cacti aren't in bloom just yet the poinsettia will have to do.
I got stuck right here. Did you ever start a painting and just know that it wasn't going to workout the way you imagined it would? This happens to me often. Most times I struggle through it, sometimes I wipe it off. This time I decided to have fun with it and just play with my paint.

When I get stuck or when I need to loosen up, my go-to guy is Mr.Van Gogh. I have posted quite a few Van Gogh inspired paintings in the past two years. Everything from Van Gogh (pencil sharpeners), (bed rooms), and (oranges) to (take out). I tried simple still life compositions, (fishing gear) and, of course, (flowers). More than anything he shows me how to add something of myself to my art. This book by Walther and Metzger and published by Taschen, is the best I have ever seen on Van Gogh. It has every one of his paintings (and most of them in color!)

My goal is not to paint like him but I do want to convey the passion for the paint that he did.

click on the image to enlarge the picture

Van Gogh's Poinsettia
oil on canvas board

Thanks Vincent! That was a lot of fun.


René PleinAir said...

"Graag gedaan Peter, maar dit is een Kerstster en geen Poinsettia hoor!"

Hehehehe, I know what you mean Peter. But you maneged well and a nice effort is always a step forward.

Bill Sharp said...

Nothing says passion like Van Gogh. I think you did a great job of referring to his work without imitating it here. I like this one a lot.

I'm not sure if I've commented on your blog before but I've been enjoying it quietly for a long time.